Kid Cudi Completes his Man on the Moon Trilogy

The trilogy is complete.

After dropping The End of Day and The Legend of Mr. Rager in 2009 and 2010, respectively, Kid Cudi dropped the final installment, The Chosen One, at midnight—ten years later. The 18-track album wraps up his Man on the Moon trilogy, and features Phoebe Bridgers, Skepta, Trippie Redd, and the late Pop Smoke.

In an exclusive interview with Apple Music, Cudi discusses how he sees Kids See Ghosts as a turning point, how Travis Scott pushed him to rap more, and the fact he still sees himself as underrated; ““In hip-hop, I’m slept on as a rapper, as a lyricist. I really wanted to elevate my whole shit on that front for this project. I did that with the rapping and the singing. Everything is evolved.”

We suggest listening to whole album in order, and if possible, all three albums in the Man on the Moon trilogy back to back to back. Cudi dropped some official visualizers on YouTube, including a music video to the fourth track, “She Knows This”, below:

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